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I’m pregnant…again. August 9, 2008

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23 weeks prego.

23 weeks prego.

So most of you already know this, but in case you didn’t, I’m having another baby in December.  Surprise, Terry!  😉 I was somehow under the impression that pregnancy would be the same every time.  I was wrong.

At Nate’s baby shower, I remember bragging to my table of friends that the best part of pregnancy was bigger boobs and longer nails.  Your hair looks pretty good and migraines miraculously stop, too.  One of them said, “What about the baby?”  I responded that that came after pregnancy so it didn’t count.  I didn’t really have any weird cravings or illnesses, no scares of miscarriage.  There really was no worst part of my first pregnancy.  Sure I was tired the first trimester, but nothing like after I had Nate.  And near the end, my back started to hurt, but that’s expected when you’re carrying around an extra 30 pounds.

The only complaints I really had were that Terry wasn’t around because he was working in Boston during most of the pregnancy and the child that resulted from it was mildly demon-ish (yes it’s a word) for the first 2 months.  We were pretty much convinced that we weren’t having any more children after what Nate put us through.  But somehow the lack of sleep and cuteness that accumulated over the next 6 months changed our minds.  Lucky for baby #2!

So this time around, I felt nauseous from the day I peed on the stick until 14 weeks in.  I’m still waiting for my boobs to get crazy big and my nails to not break the second I try to use them for anything.  Plus, I’m chasing around a 14 month old, so that glorious second trimester where you feel wonderful, well-rested, and look “glowing” is totally not happening.

I still get migraines, usually at least once a week, and I can’t take the miracle drug invented to treat them or my baby might be born without some of her limbs (I call it a her but we have no clue what we’re having).  I’ve considered taking the risk when my head is about to explode, but ultimately decided the pain is temporary and missing limbs are permanent so the baby wins.  The drugs they do give me for them (somehow narcotics are safe?!?) make me shakey and restless so I can’t take them anywhere near bed time.  Or when I have Nate by myself.  So I’m pretty much screwed.

I’ve also got a little germ-infested Natertot on my hip most of the day, so I’ve had to deal with more than my fair share of illness over the past 6 months.  It turns out, at least in my case, that it takes your body twice as long to recover when you’re pregnant.  First, there was a stomach virus that passed around the entire family. Most were affected for 2-3 days, but I spent an entire week in bed or by the toilet.  Thank god for Grandmas.

The weekend after the plague ended for me, I spent both Saturday and Sunday at the doctor.  Saturday I woke up with vertigo (of course I had no idea that’s what it was and was convinced I was miscarrying).  Took some drugs and spent a lot of time in bed and the room-is-spinning feeling was gone after a few days.  Sunday, I woke up with terrible pain on the left side of my uterus area and was again convinced I was having a miscarriage.  So we took a trip to the ER, had a sonogram, waited to see the doctor for a few hours, all at the low price of $2000 (yay high deductibles!), and everything turned out fine.

Nate was kind enough to share another stomach virus with me last week.  His lasted a week.  It’s been 8 days and I’m still waiting to not feel like I ate razor blades.  I know everyone gets sick now and then, but this is getting ridiculous.  Seriously, it’s hard enough being pregnant, I don’t need any more unrelated ails.  kthx.

I’ve had some cravings this time, like salsa, popcorn, and chocolate, all of which I don’t normally like.  I’ve also wanted pickles and even alcohol.  Luckily, Terry is around this time, so I can send him out at 10pm to satisfy my random needs (except for alcohol, I don’t know why he won’t buy it for me…).  It’s also been fun telling everyone how different this pregnancy was from Nate’s, because everyone is convinced it’s a girl.  Sadly, that’s an unreliable litmus test given the pregnancy stories I’ve solicited recently.  So we really won’t know what flavor of baby I’ve been growing until it joins us in December.  We do already have a pink room, though, so I’m crossing my fingers!  I can only hope a terrible pregnancy produces a sweeter baby…


4 Responses to “I’m pregnant…again.”

  1. Stephanie R Says:

    Cute blog even though it’s at the expense of you suffering. 😦 Love you much!

  2. meezy Says:

    So far your blog is way better than Terry’s. I’ll come back.

  3. […] Probably. At least that’s the early line. […]

  4. bo Says:

    Hey there hot momma!

    I miss Natertot and how holding him makes me feel like i am sweating like i do when i am at the gym. Awwww…
    I forget how damn funny you are! I know it is trying to be ill and i can’t even imagine growing a human inside of me but the laughs are awesome. thanks for solidifying my urge to adopt- right now i am into dogs but im sure someday there will be a child…definately, maybe, maybe not. keep me posted on gals night out and let me know if there are any food craving i can satisfy for you…


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