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My other lover August 11, 2008

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This probably isn’t the most appropriate place to reveal this, but here goes. For years, I’ve been in love with two men. I’ve decided it just isn’t right anymore.  I have to end it and move on with my life with Terry. This is really difficult for me considering the other lover is a doctor and is so sweet to me. But, he really complicates my life and just plain isn’t good for me.

You’re probably in shock right now.  Pick your jaw up off of the floor.  Stop dialing Terry’s phone number so you can keep him from reading this or try to break the news to him gently.  I’m in love with Dr. Pepper.  I know, it’s pretty anti-climactic, but it’s true!

I can remember when this affair got hot and heavy.  I was in 5th grade and I came downstairs for breakfast.  I poured myself a cup of DP and sat down.  My mom gave me a funny look and made some snide comment about how it wasn’t good for me, but she didn’t stop me.  Thanks, Mom.  You could have saved me years of pain!

Thirteen years later, I can honestly say that there have been days, probably even weeks, when all I’ve had to drink was Dr. Pepper.  Even in the middle of a volleyball tournament, we’d grab some lunch and I’d always have a Dr. Pepper.  Who needs water anyways?  Isn’t there water in Dr. Pepper?  I’ve even made friends through our mutual love for this wonderful beverage.  I recently got mad at a bartender at a wedding when he told me they only had coke because he had given all of the Dr. Pepper to the wedding next door.  I seriously considered crashing that wedding just to get the good stuff.

I only tried to give up Dr. Pepper one other time in my life.  It was the middle of high school and I had this crazy idea during the summer that I was going to be healthy.  I would eat right, work out all the time, and lose weight.  I’d been told an easy way to lose 5 pounds is to stop drinking sodas.  I figured if that’s what happened to people with a normal soda intake, I should lose at least 10.  So I made it about 6 weeks until I hurt some tendon in my hip and couldn’t play soccer or work out anymore.  I figured if I couldn’t follow through every party of my plan to be healthy, it was better to just give up altogether.  I went back to my 3-4 sodas a day ways.

In college, I started getting migraines.  I tried a lot of the prevention techniques suggested, but I just couldn’t fathom giving up caffeine when you’re staying up late studying and waking up for 8 o’clocks the next day.  I would rather take pills.  So I did.  And I still didn’t drink much water.

you complete me.

you complete me.

Then, I got pregnant with Nate.  The doctors mostly say “no caffiene!”.  I wasn’t thrilled with that so I googled it since everything you read on the internets is reliable and trustworthy.  I found several studies that showed having up to X amount of caffiene per day didn’t have an effect on the fetus.  Turns out that amount of caffeine translates into like 4 Dr. Peppers a day!  Of course, you’re also supposed to drink a lot of water when you’re pregnant, and if I drank that much Dr. Pepper AND water I’d be peeing every 5 minutes instead of 10.  So I decided to try to limit myself to one a day and try my darndest to drink water (bleh) the rest of the day.  It worked out pretty well, but I was back to my old habits once that baby popped out and was off the boob.

So that leads us up to today.  If you read my last post, you know how awesome this pregnancy has been.  I decided to try the one-a-day policy again.  It’s worked out pretty well and I’ve actually become addicted to water which I never thought was possible.  I’m guessing it’s because it’s so stinking hot this time around.

I’m still getting migraines and, in the past few weeks, have developed what I’m sure is RLS (yes, Jim Carrey, it is real).  Pretty much, I get into bed and am exhausted, but can’t fall asleep because my legs feel like they want to run a marathon (which will never be physically possible for me, probably because I drank too much Dr. Pepper as a child).  I’ve been reading about it and it turns out caffeine can trigger it.  I decided if not drinking Dr. Pepper means no more near head explosions AND I can actually fall asleep at a reasonable time, maybe it’s worth it.

So, I’m on day 2 sans caffeine and my head hurts like a bitch…

UPDATE:  I only lasted 4 days.  I wasn’t sleeping any better, my head was still hurting, and I was exhausted.  Going back to the no caffeine after lunch-ish time to see if that helps.  I just can’t resist the 23 flavors!!


12 Responses to “My other lover”

  1. terry Says:

    coke > dr pepper.

    no jury. no trial. truth.

    end of story.


  2. Sara Says:

    you’re still in the honeymoon stage with coke and your judgment is obviously clouded. i know you’re angry that you’re not my only love, but that’s no reason to post lies on my blog.

  3. Jimmy Says:

    dr pepper is the best
    I heard it has 23 flavors

  4. meezy Says:

    hate to break up the party, but i prefer pepsi. and if they don’t have pepsi, then i get coke. and if they don’t have coke i get water. I actually rank Dr. Pepper right below yellow snow. But I guess that is good news for you because I will never steal the last one.

  5. Erin Mills Says:

    Sara, you are so funny.

  6. terry Says:

    only hippies like pepsi.

  7. vanweezy Says:

    I just got back from Sonic with a Large Dr. Pepper. Just wanted to let you know that your other lover is a two-timing bastard!

  8. regina Says:

    your blog is awesome… i’m totally coming back to read more!!!!
    happy day my friend :o)

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