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I Tend To Overreact August 19, 2008

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Last night, Terry and I were woken up at 5am by the smoke detector going off for a few seconds.  I immediately knew what was going on, my heart was pounding a little, but I was ready to go back to sleep as soon as it stopped.  But Terry freaked out a little, sat up, holding his pillow like he would use it as a weapon.  After calming him down, I started worrying about why it went off…

Terry checked the house to make sure everything looked okay, laid back down, and was trying to go back to sleep.  But, I kept him up for about 20 minutes going over the possibilities of why the smoke detector would go off in the middle of the night for a few seconds.  Was there a fire in the attic?  Did the fire hide when Terry went to check and would it come back as soon as we went back to sleep?  Was Nate alive?  I could tell he was drifting off after listening to a few of my ridiculous explanations so I started asking questions he had to answer.  The conversation went something like:

“What do we do if there’s a fire outside our bedroom door?”

Terry: “We break a window go in the backyard.”

“With a 10 foot drop? I am pregnant you know.  And how would we get Nate?”

Terry: “We’d open the garage.”

“What if the electricity was off and it wouldn’t open?”

Terry: “We break another window.”

“How exactly are you planning to break all of these windows?”

Terry: “I have a maglite in my nightstand.”

“Ok.  What if there’s a fire in the laundry room?” (it would block the hallway to Nate’s room)

Terry: “Go to sleep, Sara.”

“What if we die, Terry? There could be a gas leak!”

Terry: “I’m pretty sure there is. But, it’s small so don’t worry about it.” (what?!?!)

“You need to believe in Jesus before we die.”

Terry: Chuckles and says, “I’ll be fine.”

“But I won’t!”

Terry fell asleep 5 seconds later like he always does, but I laid awake for another 30 minutes mulling over all of the bad things that could happen.  I imagined that when Terry went to check on the house, there was a Klan member standing in our front yard and he threw a bottle that was on fire into the playroom window.  I came out and went outside to try to explain to him that we were all white.  He didn’t care.

Then, my mind drifted away from fires and onto robbers.  Terry tends to leave the garage door open when he comes home, and the door from the garage to the house is always unlocked (please don’t rob us).  I thought up a grand lecture to give him this morning about how that’s not safe and we’re going to get killed, but it turned into, “You have to start shutting the garage when you get home.”  Then I thought about if someone did come in and kill us, it might be days before someone came to check on where we were, and if they left Nate alive, and he were strapped in his high chair, he would be so sad and scared.

Needless to say, I tend to freak myself out over nothing, like the smoke detector going off in the middle of the night.  I blame the scary movies my sister made me watch when I was a little kid.  Otherwise, it might mean I’m a little crazy…


2 Responses to “I Tend To Overreact”

  1. vanweezy Says:

    I’m right there with you. When we visit Jer’s family in Amarillo, I’m always freaked out by the fact that they don’t lock their doors. And then when we moved in together and he started that practice at our house….No Sir! I put an end to that immediately. I grew up in da hood and you just don’t leave doors unlocked. Considering I don’t like unlocked doors, just imagine how I felt when I walked downstairs one morning and found our sliding glass door completely open, as it had been all night. Jer had let Riley out before bed and forgot to close the door back after Riley came in. I’m pretty sure women never make that mistake!!

  2. Erin Mills Says:

    Sara, I want to give you an award for writing. I cried all the way through that last blog because it was so funny. thank you!

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