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The End of Babyhood November 27, 2008

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Happy Birthday to Nate! He turns 18 months old today. It’s also the official last day he is an only child. The last day he is our baby. He has grown into such a wonderful little boy over the past year and a half. At the

Nate, 18 months old.

Nate, 18 months old.

beginning, we weren’t sure all of us would survive this long. 🙂 I am amazed by him everyday. He is so intrigued by all of the things we take for granted because we experience them everyday and have become numb to their wonder. I know he is still very much a baby and will be for few more years. But, he will have to grow up faster than he may want to fill the shoes of a big brother.

Part of me feels guilty for bringing another child into our family while Nate is still so young. I feel like I am taking part of me away from him. I read a quote recently that said our hearts don’t have to be divided when we have more than one child, that they expand to make room for each addition. I can’t imagine having more love in my heart than I have for Nate, but I guess I will feel what that’s like tomorrow.

Another part of me is so excited to be giving Nate a sibling- and hopefully a lifelong friend. I am so blessed to have my sister in my life. She is truly my best friend and that will never change. We definitely weren’t always close, and for most of our childhood, we were enemies. I’m sure Nate and his new sibling will have their share of disagreements over the years, but I hope those fights help strengthen their relationship and that they can lean on each other when they need unconditional support.

We don’t have any Thanksgiving plans today.  We had our big meal with our family last night.  Today, we are spending time celebrating Terry’s birthday (since we’ll be in the hospital on Saturday) and enjoying our last hours as a family of 3.

These are my 18 favorite things about Nate at 18 months (thanks to Laurel for the idea):

  1. The way he giggles uncontrollably when we go see Daddy for lunch and he sees Daddy coming towards our car.
  2. The way he hugs and kisses Rojo and fusses when Dot runs away from him because he wants to pet her, too.
  3. How proud he is of himself when he tells us what he wants (and gets it) through signs or words.
  4. How he blows kisses, blinks his eyes, and waves at strangers.  Almost everyday, someone tells me that he just made their day.
  5. The way he runs to the window or garage door when he hears Daddy is home.
  6. How fascinated he is with lights and fans and signs please when he wants them on.
  7. His slobbery kisses on my cheek and baby belly.
  8. How he tries so hard to do something on his own (complete with an adorable face of concentration) and then asks for help with a big grin on his face when he can’t get it.
  9. His recent attachment his Mommy and the cute little way he says my name.
  10. The way he shows affection to his stuffed animals by cuddling them and giving them kisses.
  11. How he has to have his tiger under one arm, sippy cup of water under the other, and monkey music playing before he’ll lay down for nap.
  12. How resilient he is.  He gets a lot of bumps and bruises, and a quick hug and kiss from Mommy or Daddy is usually enough to make everything better and move onto the next adventure.
  13. The way he loves to wear hats- his Tech hat, Daddy’s Tech hat, or even a bucket he pretends is a hat.
  14. How he loves to throw things away for us and take his diaper to the diaper champ in the garage.
  15. How excited he gets when he sees a kitty on TV, running around the house, or outside and says “kitty!”.
  16. The way he runs EVERYWHERE because life is just that exciting.
  17. The way he plays peekaboo by hiding behind a column or squatting down by the ottoman or just putting his hands over his eyes so he thinks you can’t see him.
  18. How he knows which book he wants you to read him and will let you know if you choose the wrong one.

We love you Nate!  You will be a wonderful big brother, but you will always be my baby.


The Big Burrito Debate November 13, 2008

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I love Freebirds.  I even started a Facebook group to petition them to build one in Lubbock while we were living there (they actually have 3 there now!).  Over the past year or so, Terry decided that he favors Chipotle to Freebirds.  It’s like I don’t even know him anymore…  I tried it just to shut him up and was appalled.  It was awful.  Seriously?!?!  You like that place?  You like that place MORE than Freebirds?  I almost made him sleep on the couch that night.

Since then, several of our friends have also jumped on the Chipotle bandwagon and go on and on about how great it is.  I’ve attempted to de-friend them over it, but it hasn’t really worked out.  So a tiny part of me recently decided that it can’t be that awful.  Why would sooo many people go there and talk about how great it is?  It either actually is good or this is the biggest, most useless and expensive practical joke ever played on me.

Today, Nate and I went downtown to eat lunch with Terry.  We tried Shady Grove first (yummy), but there was a 25 minute wait and the pregnant lady and 17 month old were not waiting that long to eat. (In our defense, we had just driven 30 minutes to pick Terry up and were already hungry when we left the house…)  So, I quietly offer that, maybe, possibly we could go to Chipotle so I could give it a second chance.  Of course, Terry jumped at the opportunity, even though the 900 calorie burrito would break his diet for the day.  I’ve decided to compare my burrito experiences for you…

  1. Tortilla- this one goes to Chipotle.  I get the flour at Freebirds and it’s decent, but the Chipotle tortilla tastes more homemade and delicious-like.
  2. Chicken- Freebirds.  I don’t like spicy stuff.  At. All.  The chicken at Chipotle was ok, but it was a little too spiced and I’m sure what all parts of the chicken I was actually eating.  The goodness of the white meat chicken breast from Freebirds wins.  Hands down.
  3. Rice- Also better at Freebirds.  Chipotle rice has no flavor so they add cilantro to it.  I don’t like cilantro.  This one was an easy one.
  4. Cheese and sour cream- This one is a draw.  Although, you do have a choice of cheeses (or queso!) at Freebirds.  I am a lover of all cheese so I don’t really care as long as it’s on my burrito.  And sour cream is pretty difficult to mess up unless it’s old and moldy.  That would just be gross.
  5. Cookie- Freebirds wins again.  Mostly because they actually sell chocolate chip cookies.  And, because I have become particularly attached to chocolate chip cookies since becoming pregnant 9 months ago.
  6. Cups- Another draw.  I prefer styrofoam cups and neither establishment is willing to kill the environment to make me happy.  Negative points all around.
  7. Price- Chipotle.  We spent about $5 less today than we would have at Freebirds, mostly because Nate’s meal was $2 cheaper (this is particularly awesome since Nate only eats about half of his quesadilla usually).  Neither of us got drinks today, so that would add some to our normal tab, but it would still be slightly cheaper than Freebirds.
  8. Bathrooms- Draw again.  Neither place had great bathrooms (trust me, I have a lot of experience with public restrooms, mostly because I have a baby playing the drums on my bladder 24/7).
  9. Locations- Chipotle.  If I ever do decide that I like Chipotle, it’ll be great because they are EVERYWHERE.  The closest Freebirds to our house is about 25 minutes away.  Luckily, there is one less than 5 minutes from Terry’s work, so it’s not so bad when we go visit him for lunch.
  10. Chips- Freebirds.  I threw this one in there just to make the list an even 10 items.  I didn’t actually have any chips at Chipotle, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like them as much as I like the chips at Freebirds. 🙂 (no, that’s not cheating.)

So there you have it, 4 for Freebirds, 3 for Chipotle, and 3 draws.  Unless my math is wrong (and it quite possibly is because I have a fried prego brain right now), FREEBIRDS WINS!  You should celebrate by eating it for dinner tonight.  You know you want to.

I guess that about wraps it up (ah, burrito pun…).  After today, I will say that Chipotle isn’t all that bad.  I will no longer gag when Terry mentions that he ate there, but he will most likely not be eating there with me again anytime soon.


Yes, I am Alive November 7, 2008

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I know.  It’s been a while since we’ve talked.  But, I have an excellent excuse!  I like to call it pregnancy woe #435: Anemia.  If I had posted anything in the past two months, I would have been so dull and unentertaining you might not want to be my friend anymore, so really I was doing you a favor.  Now don’t get your hopes up too high about the awesomeness of this post, but here’s an update to all things Heath.

35 weeks prego.  I look tired...

35 weeks prego. I look tired...

It turns out there’s an explanation for why I never got the 2nd trimester energy, nails that could grow forever and never break, and headaches (and why I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to chew ice ALL THE TIME- so sorry @terrbear).  Sadly, I wasn’t diagnosed until about 6 weeks ago and the treatment takes 4-6 weeks to make you all warm and fuzzy inside again, so there went 3 months of my life…  Let me just tell you that anemia sucks.  But, luckily, what I was going through was treatable and not just another one of those pregnancy side effects that you have to suffer through in order to produce a beautiful child 10 months later (yes, 10, the 9 month thing is a LIE).  More sadly, the treatment sucks because your body just doesn’t want to take 5-6 times the amount of iron it needs so you get wonderful side-effects from that until your body can adjust.  BUT, a month or so later, you feel halfway back to your normal self.

I better enjoy being “myself” again, too, cause this baby’s coming SOON.  We keep telling Nate about the new baby and then lament to ourselves about how it’s going to rock his world to have someone else get attention in this family.  Then we realize, this baby is going to rock OUR world, too.  TWO KIDS!?!  Are you serious?  I don’t know what we were thinking…  But now, it’s happening, likely within the month (1 cm dilated yesterday!!).  And I’m sure it will be fine.  Or we will forget the beginning when it so was not fine at all because the rest is soooo much better than those first 2 months.

Nate’s growing by leaps and bounds everyday.  I can’t believe how big he’s gotten.  Ok, so his actual size is still pretty small thanks to our dwarf genes, but his mind is expanding like crazy.  He runs everywhere now, which is awesome for a mom who is 36 weeks pregnant and can barely waddle to walk, let alone run after him and scoop up his 23 pounds to keep him safe.  It’s also awesome because he can’t seem to keep his face without a bruise or scratch on it. 
16 months old.  How did he get this beautiful?!

16 months old. How did he get this beautiful?!

About the time an injury heals, he face-plants into a door, or pulls the kitchen drawer out and bangs the corner into his forehead, and here we go again with some gigantic bruise or cut that makes it look like we neglect or abuse our son.  He sure is a trooper, though.  A few minutes of crying and he never mentions it again. He’s so energetic that it was very difficult to take his picture this time around.  They were originally 12 month pics that turned into 16 month pics once moving and life got in the way of our oh-so-important picture schedule.  You’ll notice not a lot of smiling and A LOT of drool in them.  Luckily, he’s so cute and our photographer is so awesome that we still got tons of great images.

Terry and I took a “romantic” (read as we left Nate at home so we could take naps and go to a movie) trip to Lubbock to eat at all the awesome places we miss from college and go to a football game.  I’ll post more details about our adventure later.  Nate had his first real Halloween, which I will also post about later because there are just too many cute pictures to squeeze into an update post.  You can cheat and see them on our flickr page, but I will force you to look at them again when I finally blog about it.  We also had a super-fun Halloween party and you missed out if you didn’t come.  More on that in the Halloween post…  I sure am setting myself up to write a lot more posts before the baby comes.  Hopefully, you’ll get lucky and I’ll have time to get them all done. 🙂

Terry’s decided he wants to be in better shape when baby #2 gets here (yes, we still don’t know what the sex is and we’re still not telling what the names are).  He’s been dieting and working out like crazy and has lost something like 12 pounds in 3 weeks.  I’m so proud of him!  I, on the other hand, and am VERY close to passing that big, scary number on the scale.  Once I do, the scale and I will no longer be friends and it may end up being hidden away until this baby comes out.  Terry will just have to guess how his progress is coming until then.

So basically, I am still dying from this pregnancy, just in different ways that I was the last time we talked.  My back hurts in 3 places every night (and some times during the day) so my OB suggested I see a chiropractor.  Not sure if I’m going to try that out or not….  The baby has officially made my left lung/under rib area the resting place of its foot or hand or some appendage.  That feels great.  Heartburn has taken over my nights and Pepcid is my new best friend.  My restless legs have turned into one leg that cramps in 3 places most nights.  And my migraines have apparently returned after a very welcomed 2 month hiatus.  All I can say is thank goodness for darvocet (and those doctors better be right that it won’t hurt this baby!).

I think that’s all the highlights and complaints I have about the last two months.  But don’t worry, I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.  And look for new posts in the next week or so (crosses fingers).  I’ve really taken to this nesting thing and am running out of things I can do around the house since we don’t know the baby’s gender.  I’ve been focusing my energy on things like helping my stepmom re-decorate (like huge overhaul) her house (sooo fun to spend other people’s money!) and, hopefully, blogging more before the baby comes.  We all know I won’t be doing much of anything once this thing gets out of here (GET OUT, GET OUT SOON!).

Oh, and because I think this is the most hilarious thing from The Office in a long time:

“It squeaks when you bang it.”

“That’s what she said.”

And, because we beat #1 Texas last week (did you know?!?!?!), WRECK ‘EM!