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Foiled! February 12, 2009

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We try to be good people. We donate money to good causes. We populate the world with baby geniuses. We recycle. At least we try to.

When we lived in Leander, the trash company picked up our recycling- cans, glass, plastic, you name it.  When I set up our utilities in Cedar Park, the kind lady at the city informed me that the trash company won’t recycle glass. I was all, “Really?” And the lady was all “Really. We can’t find a place to take mass amounts of glass for us so we don’t accept it.” Odd, since we only moved like 10 minutes from our previous house and it seems like both cities should be able to work with the same magical glass recycling plant or whatever. Then she says, “I don’t tell most people about this, because they don’t seem to care, but there is a place you can take your glass right down the road.” Great!

So we dutifully started separately collecting our glass bottles.  The bags filled up fast, since we also like to throw super-fun parties where glass bottles are often involved.  After we’d lived at the new house a month or two, I packed up a few bags of bottles and Nate and headed to the recycling center.  It takes me like 3 hours to find the place because in the middle of nowhere, down a dirt driveway, with the tiniest sign ever.  It turns out it’s just a tall chain link fenced-in area with a bunch of barrels.  Why are there a bunch of barrels you might ask?  Because you have to sort your glass by color.  You can’t just drop off your glass collection to a nice man that magically makes them disappear.  So I get out of my car and take my bags of bottles over to the barrels and painfully sort them for 10 minutes or so. Mind you I am about 6 months pregnant and have a 15 month old in the car.  And he’s crying because he thinks I am leaving him when I get the bags out of the trunk and walk away.

So it took me a few more months (like 4) before I decided it was time to take more bottles.  By this time, I was VERY pregnant and was going to make Terry go with me for backup.  Of course, we never went and the baby came.  So we’ve now accumulated 8 or so trash bags full of bottles.  I’ve tried to convince some of the people I know in Leander to let us slowly recycle our bottles on their trash days, but that didn’t really work out.  We finally loaded the bags into Terry’s trunk (they barely fit since he has the tiniest trunk in the world.  My car is so much better.)  We figured if they were loaded up, we would be more inclined to deliver them.  WRONG.  The place is only open on certain days/hours-  it’s in the middle of nowhere- and you have to sort your own bottles!  Why wouldn’t they want to make it ridiculously difficult to recycle? A few weeks pass and he gets tired of hearing glass clang every time he turns, so he takes them out and puts them back in the garage.  FAIL.

I had a little shindig for my birthday last weekend and one of my friends offered to take a bag to recycle in Leander for us.  Tiny WIN.  But, we still have at least 7 bags left.  Terry put one of the bags in the trash yesterday, leaving us with 6.  Tiny FAIL. He told me that he would put one bag a week in the trash until they were gone if I didn’t get rid of them. But, we are GOOD PEOPLE!  We can’t throw them away! So today, Terry was taking off early to take his car to the shop (it’s leaking oil- see! my car is BETTER).  I figured if I loaded the bottles into my trunk, we could stop by the recycling center together once we picked him up from the car place.  So I did and we picked him up.  And then I dropped him and Nate off at the house because Nate needed a nap (which he didn’t take, btw).

So, Evie and I headed on to the recycling center.  There is a clusterpuff of construction in the area which makes it even harder to get to the impossible-to-find, sort-your-own-glass, only-open-random-hours recycling center.  I turned around a thousand times and circled the dang place like a vulture before deciding it was just too difficult to get to without flirting with, I mean, talking to, the construction guys.  As I pass by one last time on my way home, I notice the fence is closed.  On a day when it’s supposed to be open. ODD.  So I came back home, feeling defeated, and looked at the website only to find this:

Starting Jan. 6, 2009
Due to lack of funding.

EPIC FAIL.  It turns out I am not a good person because I will be throwing away all of those glass bottles.  It should not be this difficult to save our planet!


2 Responses to “Foiled!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I’m sure it’s frustrating, but I found this really funny. To read anyway. I think it’s odd that it’s easier to recycle in Dallas than Austin. Tell you what. If you come visit me, I’ll let you recycle your bags in my city!

  2. […] the gross kind. Terry has been bugging me to donate blood with him, because, you know, we’re good people and it saves lives and stuff.  I had planned for us to go on Thursday afternoon, after picking him […]

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