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My Bloody Valentine February 15, 2009

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Terry and I tried to go out for Valentine’s in college, waited 2.5 hours at Cagle’s, and vowed to never go out on V-Day again without a reservation. Since then, we usually just don’t go out, especially since having kids. We try to go out for a fancy dinner to celebrate my birthday and Valentine’s in the week between the two (Although that still hasn’t happened yet this year. It seems like this having kids thing changes a lot of things).

Ahh, VD.  Not the gross kind.

Ahh, VD. Not the gross kind.

Terry has been bugging me to donate blood with him, because, you know, we’re good people and it saves lives and stuff.  I had planned for us to go on Thursday afternoon, after picking him up from the car dealer and dropping off the bottles, but it turns out they are closed Thursdays and Fridays.  That was a great day…  So we decided to go on Saturday- Valentine’s Day.  I know, it’s super romantic!!

I’ve never given blood before and Terry had only given once during college.  I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  I mostly wanted to go to see if I was still anemic post-pregnancy.  (It turns out I’m not, so I have nothing to blame my constant exhaustion on other than our two crazy kids.)  We packed up the kids and headed to our local blood bank.  After Terry was done, he took the kids and it was my turn.  This lady took me into a room and asked about 40 questions about my experiences with prostitutes, HIV, and homosexuality. I guess I passed the test, because they still let me give blood. (I was worried about it for a second there…)

I gave up my pint of blood and the nurse (are they nurses?) started rambling off instructions of what to do and what not to do for the next several hours/days: “Eat a well-balanced, hearty meal; No physical activity (I was soooo disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to work out); No caffeine or alcohol the rest of the day; Don’t take off the arm wrap for at least 4 hours.”  Wait, What?!? Go back a second there.  Did you say NO caffeine?  If you know me, and I assume you do since you are reading this and strangers probably don’t care what I did on Valentine’s, you know that I LOVE and NEED Dr. Pepper.  And I hadn’t had one yet that day because I was planning to have one with lunch. Oh well, surely I can go ONE DAY without one.  I did make it a whopping 10 days while pregnant.

So we go home to eat lunch and put Nate down for his nap.  I’m feeling weak, dizzy, headachey, you know, overall AWESOME.  I took some advil and lay down for a nap.  I woke up with an even worse headache and took some more advil.  Terry convinced me to drink caffeine.  He had already done it and hadn’t died yet, so I figured it would probably be ok.  I finally started feeling better in time to help make dinner- delicious bacon-wrapped shrimp (even Nate liked them!) and homemade chicken fettucine alfredo.  That’s what I call a hearty meal!  It turns out you burn 650 calories donating a pint of blood so we could pretty much eat anything we wanted yesterday. This is especially great since we weren’t allowed any physical activity (again, I was completely bummed about the no-working-out thing) and are both trying to lose weight (some of us are trying harder than others).

In celebration of eat-whatever-we-want day, I mean, Valentine’s Day, Terry decided we should all go out for ice cream after dinner.  After some arm-twisting, we went to Marble Slab.  Nate was adorable taking alternating bites from each of our massive ice cream bowls (insert picture we should have taken to show you how cute he is ).  This will definitely become a new Valentine’s tradition for us (going to get ice cream, not donating blood and feeling crappy), at least until the kids are older and we remember to get reservations more than a day in advance.


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