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Wonder Baby February 19, 2009

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I’ve mentioned before how great Evie is.  She sleeps.  She’s mostly content (except with Terry, but that’s another story for another time).  But, seriously, we have a super hero for a baby.

Wonder Moment #1:

Evie during her EKG, almost 3 months old.

Evie during her EKG, almost 3 months old.

Evie has a small hole in her heart (a VSD for you medical types).  When she was 3 days old (1 day out of the hospital) we had to take her to a pediatric cardiologist for testing.  They stripped Evie down to her diaper and put a bunch of stickers all over her chest and abdomen and hooked up wires to them for an EKG.  It took a while to get the measurements to come out right since she was so little and feisty.  Then, the doctor came in and decided she also needed an ultrasound of Evie’s heart.  So we went to another room and a tech slathered her chest up with lube and took a million pictures of her chambers and whatnot.

Not only did Evie not cry once during the whole appointment, but she actually fell asleep during the ultrasound.  I can assure you that Nate would have screamed the entire time because he was cold and people were touching him and he’s starving because you haven’t fed him in the last 5 minutes you terrible, terrible parents.

We took Evie back to the cardiologist today for a check-up.  I was slightly worried she wouldn’t do as well this time since she is older.  Newborns sleep a lot more than 3 month olds.  We went through the whole routine again, EKG and ultrasound.  Evie was great again.  She didn’t go to sleep this time, but she hardly made a peep the entire appointment.  She was happy and smiling for all but a few minutes when she got hungry.

(Evie’s VSD is small and should heal on it’s own in the next few years, in case you were worried.)

    Wonder Moment #2:

A few weeks ago, Evie developed a cough.  Nate had a cold and ear infection the week before and, like good big brothers do, he shared with his sister.  We took her to the doctor on Tuesday and it was just a cold.  By Thursday,

Evie's sleeping with her oxygen tube thingy, 2 months old.

Evie sleeping with her oxygen tube thingy, 2 months old.

she sounded like she was wheezing and having trouble breathing.  We took her back to the doctor on Friday and were told her cold had developed into bronchiolitis, which is particularly bad for a tiny baby.  They tried a breathing treatment in the office to see if her lungs would clear.  I had to hold an oxygen mask over her face while a machine pumped albuterol into her lungs (it probably works way different than that, but that’s how I understood it).  The nurse warned me that most kids cry the whole time because of the loud noise, but not to worry because she’s not being hurt.  So we got the mask strap over her head and she fussed a little.  The nurse left and I held the mask.  It turns out Evie isn’t “most kids”.  She didn’t cry.  In fact, she fell asleep!  The breathing treatment didn’t help, so the pediatrician sent us to Dell Children’s Hospital to be admitted.

After sitting in the ER waiting room for an hour or so, we were triaged by a nurse and taken back to a room.  All of Evie’s vitals looked ok, includng her oxygen levels.  By the time another nurse checked on us in the room, she took another set of vitals and was concerned that her oxygen levels might be lower now.  She hooked up a monitor to Evie’s foot and her oxygen level was below 90.  The nurse hooked Evie up to one of those tubes they stick in your nose to give you oxygen (again, sorry I’m not all technical/medical and have no clue what it’s called).  The only time Evie fussed was when they had to take the tape off her face to reposition the tube in her nose and then re-tape it.  I think I would have cried, too.  That’s some sticky tape they use.

We ended up staying overnight in the hospital while they monitored Evie’s oxygen levels.  They couldn’t do much for her besides give her oxygen since bronchiolitis is caused by a virus, probably RSV. Evie went through two more breathing treatments, had her nose suctioned 4 or 5 times, and was constantly messed with/woken up to check her blood pressure, pulse, and whatever else is important when an infant is in the hospital.  They even made me wake her up in the middle of the night to feed her so they could check her weight.  (Is that really necessary at 4 am?  I tried to tell them she normally sleeps through the night, but they didn’t care.)

Because you can never have too many pictures of a happy baby.

Because you can never have too many pictures of a happy baby.

We left her in her diaper throughout the visit because it was easier for the nurses and doctors to check her that way.  She absolutely LOVED being a naked baby (as long as it wasn’t cold, of course).  In the morning, they were able to turn the oxygen off to see how she was breathing on her own.  After 7 hours of acceptable oxygen levels, they decided it was safe to let us go home.  Evie was a trooper the whole time.  During the last doctor’s examination, she was cooing and smiling at him.  I think I heard from 12 different people how they wanted to take her home because she was such a sweet baby.  They were probably just sweet talking me to get me to buy them presents, but they were right.  She is a sweet baby.  A wonder baby.

Hopefully, I didn’t just jinx myself by saying this out loud (sort of).  We moved our wonder baby into her own room a week ago.  I can’t believe she’s almost 3 months old.  I can’t believe how much she’s gone through in her short little life.  I can’t believe how undeniably amazing and resilient she is for coming out of it all grinning.


3 Responses to “Wonder Baby”

  1. Cara Says:

    Aww Evie is adorable and quite the trooper! you too, that must have freaked you out!!

  2. Kim Says:

    Aww Evie is so brave!!

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