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I take it back! March 26, 2009

Filed under: Parenting — Sara @ 2:04 pm

So you know that baby I was telling you about here and here?  The one that sleeps and rarely cries?  The one that makes life with two children not that stressful? Well, apparently the baby gods read my posts and didn’t think it was fair for someone to have such a sweet baby.  They came and took her and replaced her with a baby that acts a little too much like this baby did.  To be fair, she does still sleep better than Nate did (most nights) and I’ve been told her cry is “cute” while Nate’s was more like a monkey shrieking for hours on end.  Either way, let’s just pretend I never wrote those nice things about her and go back to the way things were, okay?

I thought maybe she was teething since there have been insane amounts of drool and hand-sucking lately, but so far, no teeth have sprouted on which to blame her meanness on.  She hates her carseat.  She must cry for 20 minutes before falling asleep even though she is fed and dry and tired.  She won’t fall asleep unless you hold her.  She aims for me when she spits up (no, for serious!!). The only time she’s truly happy is the 5 minutes everyday that she discovers her feet (so exciting!). Everytime I go to the grocery store, I have to get her out of her carseat half way through the trip and hold her.  I finally learned to bring the front pack with me so I could have two hands to put groceries in the cart, but half the time, being in the front pack just isn’t close enough to being held and she cries anyways.  The past few times we’ve gone to the mall to let Nate play at the indoor playscape, I’ve had to hold her while pushing around the bus of a double stroller we have because it’s just too awful for her to spend more than 5 minutes in her carseat.  The upside to all of this baby holding is I have biceps of steel (even if the rest of my body is still squishy with post-pregnancy padding).

Now you might ask why I bother going out at all if it’s such a hassle.  When we had Nate and he was super needy and cried all the time, we sat at home for fear that if we went in public, everyone would know what terrible parents we obviously were (why else do babies cry ALL THE TIME?).  We now know babies just cry sometimes, whether you’re terrible parents or not.  And most of the looks people give you when your baby cries in public are not because they are judging you, but because they sympathize with you.  Don’t worry, the people who are judging you probably haven’t had kids yet and the baby gods will smite them when they do (at least I hope they do).  I still venture to the grocery store, to the park, to the mall, to eat lunch with Terry because I HAVE TO.  Otherwise, I will go insane.  Nate is happily occupied inside our house for maybe an hour.  And then it’s whining, and “side” (his way of saying outside), and “up” because he needs to be held all the time if Evie does.

I love those chubby cheeks!

I love those chubby cheeks!

Now I’m not just trying to complain here although it may seem like it.  I knew what I was getting myself into (sort of).  We did this on purpose.  It seemed like a good idea to get these baby years over with all at once so we weren’t changing diapers for FIVE (or more!) years of our lives.  Of course, this idea came before Nate learned to walk, and climb, and open door handles, and run faster than I can even though my legs are 3 times as long as his.  I just want my angel baby back.  I know you’ve hidden her somewhere and I think I’ve more than earned my mommy-of-two badge now, so just give her back already!

At least she’s cute and I have those biceps to be happy about.  And there’s also this.  Nate is turning into an amazing little boy.  He’s talking really well, eating off of plates (without throwing them when he’s done), using utensils, and, wait for it…


We finally got the rails down from the attic, put them on his twin mattress on the floor, and bought him some new colorful sheets to make his big bed more exciting.  He slept there through the night Friday and hasn’t gone back to the crib since!  We moved the crib into Evie’s room on Sunday so we can finally finish her nursery.  Nate does the cutest thing when he wakes up.  He plays in his bed until you come into his room and he then he asks to get down, even though he has toys in his room, in plain view from his bed.  I kind of want to tell him it’s ok to get out of bed before we come get him, but then he might get upset that his door’s closed instead of playing and I might miss my extra 10 minutes of sleep.  So, I’ll wait for him to figure that one out on his own. 🙂


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  2. […] We recently got a flip and I’ve been abusing it like any good mom would.  I thought I would share what Evie’s been doing to try to redeem herself since she read my last post. […]

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