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Nate’s First Movie June 6, 2009

Filed under: Parenting — Sara @ 7:55 pm

We took Nate and Evie to see “Up” in the theater today. It was Nate’s (and Evie’s of course) first movie theater experience.  We were pretty sure one or both of them wouldn’t make it to the end. BUT, they both did!

Things Evie did while at the movie:

  • watched the screen
  • watched Nate and Terry
  • drank a bottle
  • slept

Things Nate did while at the movie:

  • watched the movie
  • sat in his booster
  • took off his shoes
  • put on his shoes
  • moved his booster to the ground
  • sat in the chair without the booster
  • stood on the booster on the ground
  • fell off the booster he was standing on
  • moved his booster back to the chair
  • sat with Terry
  • talked to Evie
  • talked to me
  • ate crackers
  • drank milk
  • drank juice
  • pointed out dogs, ducks, and balloons in the movie
  • laughed

It was a busy hour and a half for the little guy, but I think he had a great time and actually watched about 1/3 of the movie. Terry and I got to watch most of it, which is what I was worried about. It was a great movie!


2 Responses to “Nate’s First Movie”

  1. OMG – this is freaking hilarious and totally gives me hope. I want to bring Cyrus – 2 in September – to a movie. I think now I will…but, I will bring his nanny! 🙂

  2. Sara Says:

    Haha, my nephew (who is also 2) has been going since he was an infant because he has 2 older siblings. He has a MUCH longer attention span than Nate, though. I definitely needed Daddy there to help. Good luck! 🙂

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