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Does a Body (and a Budget) Good March 3, 2009

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It all started 6 months ago when Terry decided he wanted to lose weight.  He wanted to be a healthier Dad for Nate and baby #2.  I was about 7 months prego at the time, so I often ate ice cream while he did his nightly workouts.  At lunch one day, the waiter tried to give the huge plate of food to Terry and the lighter portion to me.  I quickly corrected him- a pregnant gal has got to eat!  Terry lost about 15 pounds by the time Evie was born.

About 3 weeks post-partum, I was amazingly back to my pre-pregnancy weight (something that took about 6 months with Nate), although my shape was completely different.  Then, Christmas and New Year’s came and left an extra 8 pounds around my midsection.  A little over 3 weeks ago, I decided it was time to do something about it.  For the first week or so, I half-heartedly tried to drink less Dr. Pepper and stop eating dessert every night.

Then, I decided I should try to track my calories.  If you’re cool and have an iPhone, you can use this program called Lose It!  If you’re me, you can use this awesome website- The Daily Plate, part of the website.  I tracked my calories, went over my goal most days, and of course, didn’t lose any weight.  Then, I got more serious when I entered into one of the many dares the website gives its users.  For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been tracking calories and coming in at or under my goal.  Subsequently, I’ve lost about 5 pounds. (yay, me!)

(insert clever segue here)

Terry and I have often lament that we should stop eating out so much.  It takes its toll on our bank account and our bellies.  We finally decided to get serious and try to not eat out for an entire month.  Of course, everyone we told was skeptical that we could do it. Our friends, the Meezys, were so skeptical that they placed a friendly wager on it.  You can see the terms in Terry’s post here.

Here’s our plan of attack for winning the bet:

  1. We ate out as much as we could at the end of February. I mean, like, every meal, every day, for the last week.  I was hoping to make the thought of eating out gross.  So far, it’s working, but it’s only been 3 days.
  2. We usually go downtown to have lunch with Terry once or twice a week.  Luckily, Terry works right next to Zilker Park and the weather has been beautiful recently, so we’re planning on having a picnic lunch instead of our usual lunch date.
  3. We’re planning meals that we love.  I always plan the week’s meals before grocery shopping – it just makes sense.  But I’d usually have one or two nights a week planned that weren’t dishes we both loved where we could easily be talked into going out instead.  We’re having some sort of steak every week this month. Yum.
  4. We’re also planning meals that sound exciting to make.  We both love cooking (when it’s the right meal) and actually wanting to cook every night makes us less likely to want to go out.
  5. We really don’t like losing.

But, even if we do lose in some capacity, we still win at life because they money goes to charity.  Wish us luck!